The Best Vacation Experience Ever

Several years ago we checked for Aspen rentals online and after a fair amount of research made our choice and headed out to enjoy the Colorado lifestyle. Unfortunately for us, we apparently got hoodwinked and the experience ended up being awful. Considering we spent an large amount of money to rent a nice place, we were extremely disappointed. The experience was so bad that we avoided returning to the state until recently. That’s because I got a good tip on a company that goes above and beyond to make sure your luxury vacation is something you and your family will never forget.

The difference this time around, I think, is that this company actually owns the properties and they go to great lengths to transform a great luxury property into something that transcends your normal vacation rental experience. My family and I came away from the experience feeling like we are billionaires enjoy and an extremely exclusive property. When we first walked through the door no one said a word as we took it all in. I think we spent at least an hour just walking around and looking. There were a few wows and that’s about it. Speechless is a good term.

We spent our vacation enjoying the home and exploring our surroundings. Did I mention there are people available to take care of any issues that you have? If you need something, they’ll get it for you with no questions asked, and they get it fast. You’re made to feel like you’re a king in this property. It really puts any other types of vacation rentals or hotel style living to shame. I can’t imagine ever thinking any other rental is going to match this experience. We’re already planning on visting another location where this company owns a property.