Five Popular Things to Do in Mission Beach

When renting vacation homes, it’s important to know what popular attractions are available nearby. No one wants to be stuck inside without any idea of where to go and what to do to make the most of the vacation. When traveling to Mission Beach, there are at least five popular things to do that people can occupy their time with for the duration of their stay.


A favorite pastime of many, fishing can be done on Mission Beach off the Mission Bay Jetty. Countless people go to the spot to catch and release. It allows people to have a relaxing time doing something they enjoy.

Arcade Games

Belmont Park is another favorite spot for many. It features not only arcade games, but also roller coasters and bumper cars. The popular attraction gives people a full day’s worth of fun they can fit into their trip.

Wave Riding

WaveHouse Beach Club provides affordable beach rentals. They also allow people to pay for wave riding, a unique experience unlike any other. Anyone that hasn’t yet tried it should do so when vacationing at Mission Beach. It’s a kid-friendly location with plenty of other activities available as well.


With only some designated areas available, swimming is something many people enjoy doing. They can stay in the designated spot and not have to worry about boats or other water crafts getting in the way. Swimmers can enjoy a full area of water to themselves.


The man-made aquatic park that is Mission Bay spans more than 4,000 acres, with over 50 percent of that made up of water. With plenty of water available to tourists and residents alike, surfing is a common activity people enjoy. Kite boarding and boogie boarding are often seen in the area as well.

Never settle on a vacation spot without first knowing what there is to see and do in the area. People want to be prepared so they can fill their vacation days with activities rather than staying inside the home they rented for the entire duration of their trip. Surfing, swimming, wave riding, arcade games, and fishing are just a few of the popular things to do in Mission Beach, with plenty more to explore in the area.